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"Let's help our communities by giving back and helping eachother."

Kama’aina Discount.com is in business to be an easily accessible source for residents of Hawaii to find discounts on local products or services.

Kama’aina Discount.com makes it easy for companies to advertise rate discounts or special promotions to Hawaii residents. Kama’aina Discount.com creates a facility for companies to actively promote their products and services to the local market. This expands their business by taking advantage of excess capacity that the tourist market is not using, while at the same time offering special rates to local residents.

Kama’aina Discount.com attracts Hawaii resident consumers as a "one stop shop" for residents to become aware of the various discounts that are available for travel, activities, services, shopping, dining or recreation. Kama’aina Discount.com attracts consumers interested in products or services on their island of residence or when planning travel to another island. The site provides access to accommodations, local activities and services, golf, shopping, local transportation and restaurants.

The site is structured as a portal to each island to make it easy to navigate. If you want to do something on Maui you click on Maui and will see all of the categories of products or services offering discounts. Click on a category and you will see all of the companies offering discounts in that category.

The only way a vendor can advertise on Kama’aina Discount.com is to offer a kama’aina discount on the product being advertised. In most cases the consumer will be required to show a valid Hawaii drivers license or other proof of residency to receive the kama’aina discount as well as the printed coupon from this site. Businesses may offer the discounts to tourists as well. It is advisable to contact the business directly to find out if it is only offered to residents of Hawaii.

Kama’aina Discount.com is owned and operated by Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. a corporation based in Hawaii. REALTY UNIVERSAL is solely providing a service to allow companies to do advertising and is in no way responsible for the products, services or discounts that a company may choose to offer.

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