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Issue 1

November 30, 2001


Published by BMR Marketing LLC.

   www.kamaainadiscount.com was formally launched in October this year. The first four months of operation are dedicated to helping our local businesses attract kama'ainas to fill the void from lower tourist trade. We have posted over 300 pages of ads in just 6 short weeks. The ads continue to grow daily.

Our marketing program began in October with direct emails to 15,000 Hawaii residents generating traffic to the site. The site visits have increased over time, and will grow as more residents hear about the site and as other residents come online. But, while the site traffic is important,  the type of visitor we attract is also important.  Since we only advertise discounts for Hawaii residents, our traffic will be from people looking to spend money on travel, playing golf, eating out, shopping, etc. In other words, most people will only look at the site when they are ready to spend money.  They won't be coming to Kama'aina Discount.com to view the news or weather, since we don't carry that type of information.



November Advertising

Kama'aina Requests


December Special

Site Visits


This month we placed ads in both MidWeek (11/14) circulation 258,000, and in the Honolulu Advertiser (11/20) circulation 150,000.

Our biggest exposure for the site was a feature story on Channel 2 News by Bernadette Baraquio on November 26 with Joe Moore telling viewers to check for more deals on kamaaindiscount.com.


You're already aware that Kama'aina Discount.com will continue to run the FREE ADS through January, 2002, if submitted by December 15. 

After that time a $35 monthly fee will keep your ad on the site. This fee includes free updates to the details of the discounts whenever necessary. 

Absolutely no one is obligated to continue their ad beyond the free period. However, several companies have already secured this low cost advertising for the next year to guarantee even greater savings for their advertising budgets.


Several consumers have contacted us with comments and suggestions. The majority of them are asking for more restaurant discounts for kama'ainas. Hawaii residents would be happy to eat out more often if they can save something in the process. Maybe a "Kama'aina Night" could increase business.

Next, consumers want golfing discounts, and more shopping discounts to use over the holidays. 

If you know any businesses that fit these categories, tell them about Kama'aina Discount.com. 



Coupons:  We added a coupon selection page at http://www.kamaainadiscount.com/coupons.htm. This will allow merchants who require a coupon for their discount to provide one to be printed from their ad page.

"New Ads This Week": We added a section on the Home page to highlight new advertisers. We will display these new merchants in the New Ad Section for approximately 7 days.  

New Buttons:  Along with featuring the new ads on the Home Page, each ad listing will have a blinking 'new' button. Updated ads will feature an 'updated' green button for the first week.


There are choices of 8 coupon styles and the wording is customized to your discount.

December Banner Ad Special: 

Any business desiring to place a banner advertisement will receive a 20% discount if the banner advertisement is ordered prior to the end of December. A three-month minimum applies. Sign-up early to get the choice locations on the site. 

For more information go to http://www.kamaainadiscount.com/adpricinginfo.htm#banner

Promotion on the Internet:

Links to Kama'aina Discount.com are available from these local sites:

City & County Honolulu site - http://www.co.honolulu.hi.us/menu/kamaaina/business/

Ohana Pages site - http://www.ohanapages.com/default2.asp?tree=2060

Search Hawaii site - http://www.searchhawaii.com/oahu/site.cfm?topic=Travel



We had 7,500 island visitors to our web site during November. These are people looking for deals and looking to spend money. 

Hawaii residents searching for "kamaaina discount" on Yahoo, Google and Lycos will see www.kamaainadiscount.com listed FIRST!

Word of mouth about Kama'aina Discount.com is growing. Our objective is to become THE place in Hawaii for kama'ainas to check for local discounts before making their plans.